Penrose are a Dublin based indie band whom have release their debut EP in July (Check out our review here)

1. Penrose is an interesting name for a band.  Can you explain the origin?

On my many travels to college I used to look out for anything that would catch my eye and would fit as a band name, I used to pass by Glasnevin Cemetery all the time and could see the surnames on the back of the tombstones from the bus, Penrose caught my eye and i text my friend who was in the band at the time. He used to work in Penrose Industrial estate in New Zealand which i wasn’t aware of so we decided it was a sign and called the band Penrose.

2. What is the song/album that made you want to make music?

I believe I started writing my first original songs after discovering the album Abbey Road by the Beatles, that album really made me sit up and take not of what true songwriting was all about and gave me  the drive to start putting pen to paper.

3. What genre of music would you banish from the earth forever?

Hip Hop, i cant stand it, especially when you hear some of the drivel that is out on the radio, the lyrics literally couldn’t be any worse, and they cant even right a song without sampling someone!

4. Alive or dead, which artist(s) would you most like to share a stage with?

The Beatles, Rory Gallagher, Phil Lynott, The Gallagher Brothers, Don Henley, Jeff Lynne, Richard Ashcroft and Christy Dignam

5. What one Irish law would you change?

The abortion law, don’t agree with it at all. Mothers are dying in small cases were they run into complications and we need to realise what year it is and that the catholic church never had a clue what they were doing.

6. Is the voice an instrument? Or is it merely a conduit for the lyrics?

Its an instrument when used correctly, for example when you hear Don Henley or Paul Mc Cartney sing they use their voice as an instrument and its a beautiful and delicate thing to get right, otherwise you end up like Yoko Ono screaming down the microphone at Glastonbury and no one having a clue what she’s going on about.

7. There is a strong sixties vibe in your ‘Live for the Dream’ EP.  How important is that era for your music?

Well growing up I would have been listening to all the bands from the 60’s as my Family (Dad in particular) was big into the Beatles, The Stone, The Kinks etc so I really do enjoy the music from that time as it was some of the best if not the best music that has ever been created to date so think sometimes that shines through in my song writing.

8. Some music is best heard in your bedroom, some music is best heard in the car, some music is best heard live.  Can you give a serving suggestion for your music?

You cant beat the power of live music, it seems to connect with all of us in different ways, in saying that I think the Penrose songs can excel on all 3 platforms, whether its bopping down the road in the car singing Melody, screaming out Where You go Now at a gig or simply listening to the smooth ballad of Harmony on your headphones in your bedroom, we have it all.

9. Are you keen on rehearsals, or do you think they spoil the spontaneity of a live gig?

I’m a firm believer of putting in the work in the rehearsals as nothing can prepare you for walking out on stage and forgetting a lyric or chord in front a few hundred people at a gig.

10. How broken hearted are you that Daniel O’Donnell was voted off Strictly? (you can be honest, we’re all friends here)
Didn’t even know he was on it, he must be stuck for a few quid. So I’m delighted he was voted off.

Assuming you had the space and the means to look after them properly, what animals would be in your ideal menagerie? (you may include extinct animals)

Couple of Giraffes would do the trick.


Listen to ‘Melody’ the current single by Penrose below:


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