Dublin is one of the mecca cities for music, well some folk like to think it is. Over the years musicians from all over Ireland flocked to Dublin “to make a name for themselves” We put together 10 things that are just bonkers about the big smoke gigging scene.

1. When you book a gig and pay big money for the venue, three people turn up – including the engineer. Most venues expect the bands to do their own promotion, even though they want the money up front and have the ‘Not our problem” attitude when the place is empty. Insane but true, and never depend on your Facebook gig invites, unless you’re Hozier.

2. Why do most Dublin venues curfew bands at 10.30pm and expect a crowd to turn up at 7.30pm for the support act? This is an epidemic spreading all over the city, publicans and venues like to double up on their door profits and also offer a DJ on late, with extra cover charge…bonkers. It is like a big F U to the art.

3. Getting paid in liquid food stamps, this is a hair pulling one… imagine filling a venue, making the bar very rich on the night, entertaining a crowd after dragging the gear and rehearsing for the show and they give you a lousy few¬†beer stamps for payment? …Facepalm!

4. People talking over your set, loudly and having their own show and not realising there is a f*cking band on the stage. Our advice for this is to think of a happy place and keep smiling at those ungrateful fools. Bite the lip and move on.

5. Filthy backstage, hey rock n roll was never meant to be pretty, but some venues in the city are complete dives in the backstage area. Wait until you want to bring an important person back to discuss music politics and there is broken glass everywhere and shit stains on the walls… Rock n Roll!

6. Your gig gets called off because a football match goes to extra time and penalties. It’s cool, sure who gives a balls about the music, football is more important. It is not like you have anything else to do but hang around and hope the match gets cancelled.

7. Five acts sharing a line-up and your act brought all the crowd but the other four still want a cut from the door? Can’t be greedy “here it was a five-way split, remember”.

8. Arrive at the venue and they never bothered sticking up the posters you paid for, and after running around the city in a panic to get them printed. This is probably worldwide but Dublin is famous for this, and then they wonder why the place is empty.

9. Rotation of the same acts and you never get a slot at the venue, ever. This is the typical clique formation that runs rampant in Dublin. If you are not in with the in-crowd, you’re not in, full stop.

10. Selling merchandise at gigs but the punters still want them for free, classic. So you scraped up every penny from blood, sweat and tears to make a recording, pay for the venue and maybe even pay for artists to back you up on the night. There is always one pesky punter that comes up to you after the show and expects to get your merchandise for nothing, “I’m not paying for that, you’re not even famous” typical Dublin.

If you would like to share any of the horrors of your gigging world, we know there is plenty more, hit us up on the usual social spots.