I have been tasked with presenting the “best and brightest” from Galway, there are loads of bands I didn’t cover as it literally came down to a series of coin tosses I’m sure there will be another Galway list coming up soon enough.


Did someone say neutral milk hotel? This man David Boland aka New Pope is channeling neutral milk hotel a smidgen but with some accordion which is magic, if you like droney acoustic folky goodness then look no further. This stuff just makes me happy as hell every time I hear it, sounding like the feeling you get when you are being tucked into bed by your favourite person and the room is the right temperature. David is also the purveyor of all things underground via An Citóg,a Night set up in Galway to showcase all the ‘happening’ new bands/artists.


AKA Tadhg Kelly is probably one of the most insanely talented sound designers in the country, he put me onto Psy trance, something I can faithfully say I hated with a passion before I heard his stuff, check out his amazing new EP here, Poitín blues for the win.


Drown are a quare new post-punk band from Galway kicking ass, this band can be quite noisy in a way which would give Weezer a run for their money. Check em out here :

Field Trip

A grunge twinged post-punk band reminiscent of the Cocteau twins and all that stuff. G’wan ,make up yer own mind! here they are :


Is an acoustic singer-songwriter kinda dude. he generally plays percussive guitar a la John Gomm. He has just put out his first album “Sing Me To Shore”, this album features a wealth of instrumentation and a nice dollop of rock n roll to keep the buzz going. My choice track on this is the opening track “With You In Mind”.

5 Galway Acts To Watch Out For!