Italian electro duo A Copy for Collapse have been continuing to garner support both online and on the airwaves since their latest album, Waiting For, arrived in May. Still surfing on its success, members Daniele Raguso and Aria Myrskya recently released the record’s second single, “Grey Sunday”, along with an accompanying music video produced by Andrea Corsini.

The track pounds in upon pressing percussion before sonorous synths startle with their ominous aura. This establishes an extremely urgent atmosphere going forward. The pace remains fast and forceful, which gives off a strong sense of alarm and anxiety. A biting beat begins as the minute mark is breached, adding to the foreboding feel of the whole thing.

There’s something incredibly unsettling about it all as it plays out in a manner similar to the score of a suspenseful scene from a movie. This keeps the rhythm restless and tense throughout. At the same time, the fact that it gets the adrenaline pumping ensures that it’s exciting all the way through to its ultimate end.

The appropriately portentous adjoining video follows an enigmatic individual across a dark and dismal landscape. The first half of its narrative is loaded with dramatic imagery, managing to look quite cinematic in scope. This is before it arrives at a mysterious montage of the protagonist swimming and snickering in an odd and unsettling environment. It all bears an extremely unnerving undertone that’s both complemented and emphasized by the menacing music.

“Grey Sunday” is available on iTunes now as part of its parent compilation and is definitely one of the most arresting anthems on the album. If you like this, then the chances are you’ll love Waiting For in its entirety.

A Copy for Collapse: Grey Sunday single review
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