The vampire genre. It’s all been done hasn’t it? What’s left? Very little I would imagine. Only last year this reviewer was recoiling at the release of yet another vampire-inspired movie What We Do in the Shadows but hey, turns out, there was much to love. I would go as far as to say it was one of the best films of 2014.

But maybe just maybe if, like me, you too are the blood-sucking jaded type, this might interest you; while traversing the dark streets of Iran at night, two unlikely characters meet – a lonely skateboarding vampire and a frustrated man trying to take care of his father. Both are at odds with the lives they have. Both are stuck in a dead-end town with no prospects and are struggling to make ends meet. A strange bewildering partnership is struck. Friendship? Love?

It’s more beautiful than it sounds. Everything is highlighted in thick slants of chrome and shadow. The streets are eerily empty, a town forsaken and forgotten. The dialogue is sparse and to the point. No words are wasted and the often the quiet is backed with a snug soundtrack. The leads, while quite good, aren’t really challenged here. Emotion is minimal. Action too.

I’ve read reviews, one, in particular, how Anna Lily Amirpour’s debut is meant to be this new redefining of the classic vampire tale. I don’t agree. It’s a nice film, an assured debut it must be said, but there is something of a novelty value attached here. A skateboarding vampire? It just about works but looks a little daft. Where to next I wonder. Po-going werewolves? Let’s not elevate A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night above what it is – a novel film, quirky, fascinating, and strange, in equal measure.

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