With the release of their latest singles and fresh music video, Abandcalledboy are continuing to make ripples in the Irish music scene. The release of their 2014 self-titled debut E.P had allowed the 4-piece noise-rock/indie band from Belfast, Northern Ireland, to burst onto the Irish music scene with a certain flair and rawness that isn’t in abundance with the more “new” and baby-faced bands. The band have taken full-advantage of their new-found persona and have played a number of stellar performances across both Ireland and the UK and have also shared the stage with ‘And So I Watch You From Afar’ and ‘The Futureheads’ – which has resulted in the band being labeled as “Hot for 2015” by Hot Press Magazine in January 2015.

The latest additions to their arsenal, “George Best In Show” and “Paul Simon’s Daily Routine” have proven yet again that Abandcalledboy are a force to be reckoned with and a group to keep your eye on in the near future. There lies a formation of complex and utterly charming melodies beneath the harshness of the two singles’ face-value, which shows that the two songs aren’t just all bark and no bite; and despite the quirky names, the songs hold a certain value and resonance that will bring you back, frothing for more. The new addition to the band, Chris Ryan, is showcased in both singles by stomping out complex and sweat-inducing drumming arrangements.

The band has also created, produced and released a music video to accompany “George Best In Show” – which is an unorthodox experience, to say the least. Armed with nothing but the pennies in their pockets, a video camera and their general wit; the four Belfast lads created an odd, slightly confusing but downright enjoyable piece that somehow mellows in tone with the music itself.

It was utterly unorthodox and organized chaos, yet fun to listen to and tremendously energetic – which puts it into the “must listen to” category for any fan of the noise-rock scene.