Absent Parachute is the name of a Leeds based indie pop act that comprises vocalist/guitarist Ben Morgan, vocalist/bassist Archie Thompson and drummer Oli Squire. The trio have been active on their hometown’s live scene for over three years now, conquering a number of renowned local venues, including the O2 Academy, The Wardrobe, The Belgrave Music Hall and The Cockpit.

Recently, the band took to the facilities at Czar Street Studios with the intention of recording some brand new material for the world to enjoy. This resulted in their six track EP, Parasol, written by the ensemble themselves and mixed and mastered by David Whitaker.

It starts with a brief introduction called “Pablo The Poolboy” before blasting into a cheery beat as “Cecilia, Go Home” bounces towards a happy melody. Things remain fast and fun during the short but catchy chorus, eventually landing upon a very tropical sounding instrumental sequence. It’s an altogether bright and boisterous pop/rock piece that doesn’t seem to have a care in the world.

Title track “Parasol” is another effort loaded with lighthearted musical motifs, this time unfolding with a more urgent pace. The spirited vocals adopt an expressive attitude, while the instrumentation stays quick and quirky throughout. “Ice Cream” has a very upbeat opening afterwards, setting a relaxed tone that persists through an enthusiastic melody. There’s a soft and serene sound that gives it a festive feel from beginning to end.

“Them Harmonies” is a more reserved successor, featuring energetic vocals that cut across the gentle instrumentation. Its soothing guitars are given a boost by avid percussion as the whole thing strolls steadily forward and builds to a fervent finish. “Trip” races vigorously out of its wake into a rousing riff and passionate harmony, during which a recurring clap effect adds to the airy atmosphere. It’s a sprightly finale whose rapid momentum never relents.

Absent Parachute have put together a brisk and buoyant record that carries an effervescent ambience with which it is easy to unwind. Its sanguine style allows for an effortless listen. You can investigate Parasol for yourself on Bandcamp now.

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