Many may know musician Martin Kent from his work with alt-rock act Skunk Anansie. For more than two decades, the English artist has been contributing his skills to the band under the alias of “Ace”. Most recently though, he teamed up with ACM student Dannii Barnes to collaborate on an enthralling rendition of “No Fear of Falling”, which was originally featured on his 2003 solo EP, Still Hungry.

A soft acoustic riff introduces the track by soothing the senses ahead of a volley of very vibrant vocals that hit some impressively high notes in the verse. The tender tone of the instrumentation has a calming effect on the way forward, while the singing becomes increasingly spirited. It all erupts into a hard-hitting chorus around the minute mark. From here, the already heartfelt harmony exudes even more power and passion, stunning with its intensity as it echoes absorbingly across the air.

Things tone down again afterwards for another stirring stanza. The range demonstrated by the refrain is jaw-dropping as it continues to grow in vigour and vitality into the thrilling third minute. All the while the riffs remain restrained and relaxing, maintaining a moving mood underneath the spectacularly sonorous serenade until the whole thing arrives at an effective finish.

There’s no denying that Ace is able to deliver some endearingly delicate guitar work, but it’s Barnes’s sensational singing voice that steals the show throughout. Her impeccable vocals are absolutely astounding from start to finish, resulting in an exquisite song that’s guaranteed to go down well with a wide audience.

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