Cardiff based, Indie band ACROSSFROMWAIR released their debut EP ‘Moments’ earlier this year. The four-track EP is full of energy. Its upbeat, energetic sound and catchy guitar riffs are akin to some of Foals earlier stuff, yet their influences go beyond UK Indie bands, drawing influence from all over the place.

The mixture of rockier riffs with the altogether more disorganized tweaking of guitars strings works well. The bands musical ability becomes evident from listening to the EP. The songs are well structured. They move delicately between the edgy and softer guitar riffs without creating confusion. Each note on ‘The Great Metallic Fist’ is hit with fast paced accuracy.

In true rock style, the lyrics are delivered with some defiance, at times, in moments of chaos, as can be seen as ‘A Flash In the Dark’ draws to a close. ‘Moments’ is a tight group of tracks and a good first effort from the Welsh band.