Like so many artists before her, 18-year-old Irish singer Actrese, made huge sacrifices to create her first single titled ‘LOLA’.

Her name may be overlooked as just another homophone, but dig a little deeper and it may be an exceptionally accurate description of someone playing a role to escape difficult circumstances.

An avid music lover for as long as she can remember, she was discouraged from her calling as a teenager. Actrese rekindled her love of singing in Autumn 2013, after discovering the English indie rock band Bastille.

‘LOLA’ was written over a year ago, the construction of the track was done in bits and bobs, due to a flaky recording partner. Actrese was left with just a chorus, bass line and no one to help her complete the track.

However, her will to persevere wasn’t diminished, rather than abandoning the half completed material, she sold her guitar, bought a microphone and pieced ‘LOLA’ together in her bedroom.

The opening few seconds of the track are very atmospheric, giving the impression of a lone girl singing in an empty church, the bass line kicks in and a gentle yet commanding voice utters the opening line: “Dreaming about life, is it bad?”

Her voice is powerful, haunting and most importantly manages to capture emotion. Actrese’s sound reminds me of the Danish singer MØ and Swedish singer Lykke Li. It wouldn’t be far fetched to hear ‘LOLA’ on Youth Novels or No Mythologies to Follow.

At about 1:20 into the song, the track springs to life, Actrese’s voice shines, as an exceptionally catchy, fresh, danceable tune takes over. The transition halfway through ‘LOLA’ is a little clunky, but this can be excused for a first time producer.

The song ends a little abruptly, but there’s more than enough evidence of talent in her first offering. Actrese has exceptional promise, and with the right musical collaboration, she could create some very worthwhile and interesting material.

Listen to ‘LOLA’ below.

Look out for her upcoming collaboration with thevillainandi ( in May.

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