Adam Cummins is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter based in Dublin. Recently, he has been a contestant on The Voice of Ireland, leaving during the battle stages. He also recently supported up and coming pop-rock group The Geddes at their EP launch in Whelans on the 29th of May. He recently released two tracks entitled “Tomorrow” and “Show Me Love”.

The first track, “Tomorrow” begins with Cummins vocals and guitar. His sombre voice, the jingly guitar and swelling keyboards have very folk feel, reminiscent of Bon Iver. Halfway through the tune, the tempo picks up a bit and the vocals become distorted. Crunchy guitars also help breathe a bit of life into the last stretch of the song. It’s a surprising change of gears which will definitely turn heads.

“Show Me Love” is up next. It has a similar feel, with more acoustic guitar and an echoey bass drum keeping things going. The chorus introduces piano and a singalong melody. Gradually, the energy builds up for one final chorus that is covered with interweaving vocals. This one is one for people who are longing for Mumford and Sons to embrace their acoustic guitars again.

Adam Cummins is a talented musician, with solid songwriting abilities. With time, it would be really interesting to see him develop his own sound and really break into uncharted territory.

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