Albatross Archive have released their new EP “Ribcage”. The fresh-sounding, Cardiff-based duo are made up of Kit Denison (drums/electronics) and Richard Jackson (keys/vocals).  Ribcage is richly entertaining, immersive and evocative. Albatross Archive represent the most intricate merging of indie rock, electronica and jazz.   

‘Ribcage’ follows a character in the grips of total obsession with an unnamed entity (‘I Still See’), every moment spent dreaming of its possession and terrified of its desertion. This leads to losing all in its pursuit (‘Matches’) and reflecting on how their life has been squandered, envying those who’ve never had to experience the same. Release is found through acceptance that this cannot be (‘Lost And Found’) and they are left with a new sense of renewal, recovery and hope, ready to begin again.

“I Still See” is orchestrated with fastidious care and feeling. Atmospheric synth textures, crashing cymbals and dramatic piano playing, what’s not to love? “I Still See” takes us on a euphoric musical journey and is a guaranteed favourite. The song shifts into something more virtuosic and complex near the end.

“Matches” is vibrant with poignancy and grandeur. What starts out dreamy and gradual, builds in intensity and emotion. Perhaps similar to some of James Blake’s tracks but It is truly hard to find anyone adequate to compare Albatross Archive with.

Richard Jackson’s vocals shine through on “Lost and Found”. Not a standout beauty but there is a certain elegance and charm to be found in the lyrics, softly sung vocals and beautiful piano playing.

Albatross Archive’s snare stampedes and frenetic piano playing add to their multilayered sound.  Their tracks are laced with hints of jazz, soul, and a little synth-pop. Ribcage is totally experimental with captivating inventions.