I have recently been introduced to Norwegian born artist Aleks Grey and his new single Feel Alive. It is a feel good song with a positive approach, perpetrating a simplified message.

The song is catchy and has all the sensibilities of a great indie/pop song with a very gospel influence, Feel Alive has hit potential it is a universal anthem of sorts.

It is nice to hear a song about overcoming adversity and showcasing that a song can still musically influence a productive positive transformation without being cheesy all the while maintaining an appeal all people can relate to across the board.

Music with a message is always interesting but it doesn’t always have to be ostentatiously political it can be just as simple as “Clapping your hands, Signing the words you like and Being born to feel alive“ as the song itself states.

Grey although born in Norway has been based in Liverpool since 2013 and after drawing a lot of attention in his home country the UK is now catching on to his music, BBC radio Merseyside has added Feel Alive to their playlist and he will be appearing on Dave Monks BBC show on the 8 May ahead of the singles 15 May release via iTunes.