For Irish country ensemble Alex Jordan & Co., the summer is looking very bright and sunny indeed. The Dublin born singer/songwriter and his companions Alex Bowrwick, Conor McLoughlin, Darragh Cullen and Sean O’Connor have been enjoying a lot of success as of late. In the last week or so alone they’ve found themselves being featured on RTE 2XM and played their first ever UK headline show to over 120 people in Piccadilly, London.

All of this recent attention is due to the release of their excellent new EP, Leap of Faith. The four track collection starts with the crisp acoustic riff of “Borderline”, which stirs as it prefaces a very articulately sung melody during the opening verse. An incredibly energetic and captivating chorus follows, thrilling as it blasts into a plethora of ecstatic instrumentation and vigorous vocals. It all manages to get the record off to a boisterous beginning.

“Cowgirl” arrives afterwards upon an invigorating electric riff, then explodes into a finely executed combination of country and rock. The verse maintains a vivacious vibe as it moves quickly forward, grabbing hold of your attention and refusing to let go. The instrumental work is extremely accomplished and arresting, particularly while it races towards a fervent finish.

“Leap of Faith” follows by way of a riveting introduction that sets the scene ahead of a rapid refrain, whose unassailable enthusiasm is absolutely irresistible. The whole thing sprints along jovially, keeping consistently cheerful and animated as it does so. It’s guaranteed to leave you in a merry mood.

“Brother” comes as quite a departure next, arriving upon forlorn piano keys that persist into a mournful melody. The amount of heart and emotion that it exhibits throughout makes it extremely affecting. This solemn but no less ardent anthem is gripping for every moment of its immense eight minute run-time, bringing the compilation to an exhilarating end.

Alex Jordan & Co. have put together what is simultaneously one of the best rock and country EPs that I’ve heard in recent times. Its smooth fusion of both genres means that neither one ever completely dominates so that it should appeal to a wide and diverse audience. The passion and charisma displayed throughout certainly make it a work worth investigating, regardless of your preferred style of music. You can find Leap of Faith on iTunes now.

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