Hopes Die Last are an Italian post-hardcore band from Rome, formed in 2004. Having previously released three albums and two EPs, Hopes Die Last have worked extensively to establish themselves and have toured around Europe and the United Kingdom with fellow post hardcore groups Attack Attack! and Continents. With their tenth year anniversary approaching, the band wish to deliver another album for fans – potentially two – and “Alpha Wolves” is sure to be placed on it.

The song and video begins by crafting a sombre and ambient atmosphere, this soothing environment is quietly shaken at first by lead vocalist Daniele Tofani’s screams. What follows, is all members Marco Mantovani, Luigi Magliocca on guitar, Yuri Santurri bass and Danilo Menna drums coming together for an explosive piece of music.

The riff is captivating and genuinely engaging, fuelling Tofani’s passionate screams and proclamations which in turn will no doubt entertain a crowd, or those listening at home needing some music to get pumped. In terms of music video quality, there is no clear narrative to be dissected – this is purely for showcasing the music through another medium.

Without question the music is accomplished and incredibly tight, no easy task considering how in time all members must be, where one slip could turn this pulsing hardcore track from something to be appreciated into a horrific first time jam by young hopeful musicians. Fortunately, this doesn’t occur with Hopes Die Last having played for ten years already and the new additions of Yuri Santurri and Danilo Menna, the group looks set to reach further success.

The power of Tofani’s vocals and the blending of the commendable musicianship create a powerful post hardcore sound that encompasses an atmospheric opening reminiscent of Cult of Luna but with a fast paced and thrilling display seen in original Emo and hardcore bands such as Rites of Spring.

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