While I am a huge fan of the physical book and all of its glory I can understand why some people would find it a little intimidating. Particularly if it is a big book, or perhaps there just isn’t enough time in the day to read a book. So I am going to suggest some ways in which you can enjoy a book that is not the traditional ink and paper.

Firstly, because it is often overlooked I am going to name the humble audiobook. Until recently I hadn’t tried an audio book. I have to say that I loved it. Audio books are fantastic if your work schedule is busy or if you have a long commute. Audio books can be listened to in your car as you travel, or on your phone if you use public transport, as well as the good old-fashioned C. D. player. This makes them ideal for listening to on the go.

What prevented me from reading an audiobook for so long was that I didn’t know how to access them. As well as being available in bookstores they can also be found in the library. There are some audiobook stores online that will allow the first audiobook you try to be free such as audible.com.

Secondly, I will recommend ebooks. Whether on your iPhone, tablet or on a kindle they are often cheaper than physical books. If it is the physical size, length or price of a book is what is stopping you from enjoying a book, then ebooks are a good choice for you. Hundreds of books can be stored on these devices. They are easy to bring with you while traveling at home or abroad. Their compact nature means that the mass amount of pages will not be constantly reminding of how much more there is to go and you can just read the story at your own pace. Another advantage that I love the idea of is being able to receive a new book the minute it becomes available to buy, which means no waiting for stores to get a copy of the new book in stock and no waiting for the postman.

Finally, because I feel like it what deserves a mention is the Library. Good old traditional library. If it is the price of books that is a turn-off, then let me introduce you to my friend “the Library” who allows you to borrow their books for free. I feel like recently I have forgotten about libraries. As a child, I would go regularly and now I hardly get the chance to go at all. When I realised this I decided I would visit my local library. Not only was there a large selection of newly released books but there were also T. V. box sets of popular shows, audiobooks, free Wi-Fi, and amazing customer service.

I am a firm believer that if given the right book everyone will love to read so hopefully these few tips will encourage you to see that there are many opportunities to read for every day for everyone.

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