Well, it’s not quite the top gun sequel the world has collectively been pining for (For some reason. Never underestimate the allure of eighties nostalgia) but American Made is probably as close as we’ll ever get to more Tom Cruise tom foolery with planes.

Partly based on actual events of a disgraced pilot who in the 1980s by the name of Barry Seal (Tom Cruise) who is bored and disillusioned and struggling to make money for his daughters and wife Lucy (Sarah Wright). That all changes when he’s head hunted by shady CIA officer Schafer (Domhnall Gleeson) and who asks him to fly a plane over communist sympathetic Central America to photograph trying camps. His impressive flying catches the eye of Pablo Escobar’s organisation who offer him a large amount of money to fly cocaine to the US. While at the same time the CIA is forcing him to sell guns to anti communist forces…but instead he sends the guns to the cartel, to create a massive money making scheme

It’s a picture that leans heavily on the GoodFellas “Flashback” narrative and heavily on the voice over-flashback style pioneered in GoodFellas, which tends to be over played in the wrong hands. But as usual with Mr Cruise, his character’s natural optimistic charm and blind faith despite the madness he’s surrounded by, somehow he manages to balance everything out.

American Made is on general release now

American Made

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