American musician Amy Lee may be famous for her hypnotic rock tracks and dark, dramatic ballads, but her latest endeavour is something a little lighter. Inspired by her infant son, the iconic artist decided to try her hand at making music for children and what started out as a personal project with her father eventually evolved into a full length kids’ compilation called Dream Too Much. Older fans need not fear though, for the record’s newly released eponymous lead single is a true treat for enthusiasts of all ages.

It starts with some superbly soothing music ahead of a delightfully delicate refrain. Amy’s vocals are characteristically captivating as they drift gently forward, relaxing with their warmth on the way to a truly charming chorus towards the end of the opening minute. This is succeeded by an equally enchanting second stanza that showcases another soft serenade atop touching instrumentation.

The whole thing takes on an ethereal trait just past the midway mark as affecting keys resound reassuringly underneath a remarkably haunting harmony before the music and melody begin to build bracingly again. An indescribably invigorating denouement follows from here, ensuring the anthem is afforded an effective finish.

Even though it’s marketed as a children’s song, it’s difficult to imagine anyone not being enamoured by Amy’s work here. With its wonderfully uplifting lyrics, irresistibly arresting singing and incredibly comforting instrumentation, “Dream Too Much” is easily one of the most mesmerising tunes to have dropped in 2016 so far. Head over to Amazon to download it for yourself now. I guarantee you won’t regret it if you do.


Amy Lee: Dream Too Much

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