The evolution of Kingdom of Crows began with a one man acoustic project in 2011, before founding member, Stephen Kelly, took to the studio in 2012. Recording a demo with two guests led to some Dublin based shows as a three-piece acoustic act. After the performances garnered positive feedback, in 2013 Kelly was prompted to work on a full album. Joining him in its creation and completing the band’s lineup are vocalist Lucy Earley, bassist Robert Stanley and drummer Ken McGrath.

With what they’ve released thus far, Kingdom of Crows have established themselves as an acoustically driven psychedelic rock band, who are easy on the ears and heavy on the talent. It’s probably safe to say that this is what we can expect from their forthcoming album, The Truth is the Trip. To wet your appetite, the band have put out two tracks, with a third on the way in the new year.

First single, “Call of the Void” is a 7 and a half-minute behemoth that almost feels as if it tells its own story as it unfolds. A single, vibrating note with an electronic hint begins proceedings by conjuring up an air of mystery and a sense of anticipation about what’s to come. A quick drumbeat starts to build amid acoustic guitars as Earley’s reverberating vocals take over. She manages to hit some impressively high notes, lending a transcendent, spiritual feel to the entire affair. It’s all very operatic. Overall, this is a song that has a complex delivery while being extremely accessible.

A relaxing, acoustic riff takes us into latest release, “Dreamless Sleep”. This is soon joined by some soothing, resonating vocals that are more subtle than those in “Call of the Void”, but no less impressive. The instruments are simple, yet stirring. The gentle guitar and vocals build towards the end to a more rowdy pace that raises the tempo just enough to execute a felicitous finale. Altogether, it’s a track that permits you to zone out and relieve yourself of stress while listening.

If these two singles are any indicator, Kingdom of Crows should deliver something special with the release of The Truth is the Trip. Their blend of easy listening acoustic instrumentation and soulful, lingering vocals make for an elegant, stripped down sound that proves less can be more.

With the album complete, keep an eye out for gigs in early 2015, while third single, “Clouds”, is due to hit on January 11th. Check out the Kingdom of Crows Facebook page for the latest news and updates.

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