The word “Krypton” can refer to any number of things. It’s the thirty sixth element on the periodic table, a town in the American state of Kentucky, a frame-based computer programming language and, of course, the ill-fated home planet of the world’s most famous superhero. Most recently however, it has been adopted as the guise under which West Sussex natives Gavin, Will, Dom and Paul practice and perform their bright brand of pop/rock music.

Having formed a few years back, the foursome have been tiring themselves out on Southern England’s live scene, including on stage at the 2015 Durrington Festival. Their material has also been gracing airwaves across Britain, where it currently resides on the playlists of SouthWaves Radio.

Over the last couple of months, the band have released two tracks for download on Bandcamp, with another two in the pipeline. Their latest offering, “You’re My Kryptonite”, dropped on May 30th. It takes off as upbeat piano keys hop into a happy harmony where they’re soon joined by determined drums and pleasant guitars. These sail smoothly into a keen chorus that maintains the optimistic energy of the opening verse. Moving forward at a steady pace, it carries a harmless and inoffensive power pop demeanour from start to finish.

“Radio”, which originally hit on April 3rd, bursts into a fast and cheerful riff laced with sparkly synths. Enthusiastic vocals keep things melodic into a light and airy chorus. It all packs more of a punch than the above endeavour, while still managing to carry a personality that’s just as innocuous.

Of the tracks awaiting liberation from the studio, “Mr. Know It All” is by far the superior undertaking. Initially subtle but piercing guitars blast out nonchalantly through a delightfully disaffected melody. Its wonderfully raw sound mixed with its obstinate attitude results in an infectious piece that bears a style much more in the vein of popular punk. This combined with its biting riff and passionate vocals undoubtedly make it the quartet’s best creation to date.

Its partner in post-production, “I Think You Should Know”, features a forceful acoustic introduction ahead of a heartfelt harmony loaded with expression. Hefty synths add an extra emotional edge to the expressive lyrics and mellow guitars. The outcome is another easy listening pop/rock composition.

If you’re a fan of radio friendly rock anthems, then Krypton are just the band for you. The sunny and avid execution of most of their material is well suited to mainstream consumption, while the songs that are sitting on the sidelines show that they also harbour a potentially exciting flair for the heavy and rebellious. It will certainly be interesting to see how their style evolves from here.

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