Despite having a long standing keen interest in singing and piano playing, it wasn’t until 2014 that Dublin based artist Rachael Lavelle truly started to embrace writing and composing her own material. This resulted in the creation of her very first original and complete composition, “Ecstasy”.

Written last August, the singer/songwriter put the track together at home, recruiting her cousin Damian Molony to help by handling synth duties. After publishing the finished song independently through social media, she received a fervent reception that would kickstart her rise within the local music scene.

An inaugural show in her hometown venue of Whelan’s led to a whirlwind of exciting events as she found herself being asked to appear on radio stations such as Newstalk and Near FM, as well as being invited to play more gigs, including a set at the illustrious Trinity Ball.

Her sudden success isn’t hard to understand given how powerful a piece “Ecstasy” is. As it starts off, subtle piano keys barely have a chance to step into the spotlight before strikingly vivid vocals burst forth to steal it away. A haunting harmony ensues and resounds through the senses, hitting a lot of impressively high notes as it does so.

The instrumentation remains restrained conveying a strong sense of poignancy and emotion from behind the passionate vocal work. It’s a soft and incredibly enthralling undertaking that carries a very mature and meaningful sound. Lavelle exhibits the grace and skill of a seasoned singer throughout, which makes it hard to believe that she’s a musician who is only just taking her first steps into the industry.

The track will eventually feature on Lavelle’s debut EP, which she plans to record this summer. Her time with her university’s jazz society has left her with plenty of ideas on how to craft a compilation that is unique and absorbing. For now though, “Ecstasy” is currently available as a free download from Soundcloud, so be sure to take advantage of the opportunity.

The artist’s next live outing sees her return to Whelan’s on Tuesday May 26th, where she will be joined by a band of violin, cello, bass and djembe in what’s sure to be a fascinating performance. If you live in the Dublin area, head on over and show her some support. For all of the details, check out the event pages on both the Whelan’s website and Facebook.

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