Dublin based alternative ensemble Staring At Lakes look set to have a very exciting year ahead of them. Already in 2015, the quartet have been named as Ireland’s brightest rising stars in music by RTE, as well as having been recently nominated for Hot Press Magazine’s Big Break competition. And if that’s not impressive enough, in March they made the longlist for this summer’s Glastonbury Festival.

The band’s debut album, Warm Wars, hit in late 2014, along with its lead tracks, “Scent of Mental” and “Consanguinea”. The former offering takes off via a rousing riff just before some strikingly resonant vocals steal the spotlight and glide peacefully forward. Starting out reserved, it initially features little more than stirring guitars alongside a powerful and passionate harmony. Just after the midway point, it explodes into vigorous instrumentation and penetrates deep into the senses as it reaches an exhilarating climax.

It’s companion piece, “Consanguinea”, has a subtle instrumental introduction, leading into soft and serene vocals that soothe as they unfold. The whole thing builds slowly as it progresses. A fervent riff eventually sets in and continues to thrill behind a piercing and expressive harmony. It all culminates in a very transcendent finale which lingers in the air after it fades gently out.

These two undertakings may only provide a small taste of the band’s talents, but it’s more than enough to understand why Staring At Lakes have been turning so many heads as of late. The simple style of their music makes for a pleasant listen while simultaneously having a rousing effect through its spirited execution. You can experience both of the above compositions for yourself on Soundcloud now while the record is available in its entirety on iTunes.

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