American musician Andy Meadows has been making waves on the music scene recently by channelling the distinctive swing sound popularised by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick Jr., and Michael Bublé. Having been raised in Fort Worth by a father who owned his own country radio station, the up and coming crooner has been steeped in singing since childhood.

When he wrote his first song at the age of sixteen, his intention was to venture into the world of opera, but after serving time as a vocal performance major at Texas Tech University he came to realise that his true love lay elsewhere. This led him to South Plains College, where he started upon the path to discovering the style for which he is known today.

Assembling a nine piece band to back him up, he went to work on his debut record last year, which spawned his latest single, “Never Be the Same”. It begins by bursting into a volley of vibrant vocals that resonate wonderfully across cheery instrumentation. The relaxing rhythm has a calming effect as the music and melody drift gently forward, staying sedate and sunny on the way to a salvo of sanguine strings around the minute mark.

Another affable refrain follows to enthral through a mixture of merry musical motifs, giving rise to an uplifting atmosphere. A sequence of restrained but riveting riffs takes over in the middle to sooth the senses ahead of more sanguine singing. There’s a fantastically vivacious vibe to the whole thing that keeps it captivating from commencement to conclusion. The outcome is an incredibly pleasant piece that’s sure to entice a large listenership.

You can find “Never Be the Same” for yourself on iTunes now.

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