Brooklyn rapper Angel Haze releases her new mixtape Back To The Woods. 

Haze may be more well known for her twitter beefs with Azealia Banks rather than for her music, but with the steady release of mixtapes over the past few years, this is sure to change.

Angel has a mix of dance floor anthems like ‘Werkin Girl’ & a deeply personal and disturbing songs like ‘Cleanin out my Closet’.

Angel Haze is the real deal when it comes to brutally honest music.


She told NME that Back To The Woods was created in a very extreme way. Haze and her producer Ty Kayembe, confined themselves to her apartment for three months, blocking and ignoring the outside world until she had completed the mixtape.

In an interview with NME, Haze said: “I feel like with ‘Back To The Woods’ I need another introduction. It’s so far off from what ‘Dirty Gold’ was. You can turn that shit off. All my shit, back to back. Everything. I wasn’t really good as a rapper until, I feel like, now. I had potential but this record to me is like grabbing the bull by the horns and telling it, ‘Bitch, you’re my horse now’. You’re gonna do what I say and I’m gonna control you.”

Listen to Back to the Woods below.