Combining the art of video and film production alongside music can be wonderful, but it can also be a risky business. This video is a visual compilation of the opening scene of ‘Carrie’, and the visual thematic content of ‘The Black Swan’, whilst trying to convey mass issues of female purity in three minutes. Simultaneously, this video depicts a misogynistic attitude towards women and their sexuality. The band – Ann My Guard, hail from Hungary, and the group is composed of Eszter Anna Baumann (vocals, bass), Norbert Nagy (guitars), Krisztián Varga (guitars), Norbert Tobola (drums).

Contrary to what the visuals imply, the music created by this female fronted rock back is aurally appeasing. The vocals are sweet and sultry and remind one of the Irish nineties rock group ‘The Cranberries’. The backing drums add a certain immediacy and overall panic to the sound of the group.

Gábor Vári from Black Hole Sound Studio, produced Ann My Guard’s first full-length album called ‘Innocence Descent’ in spring 2014. Presently, they work with UK-based indie label, Shamanize Records, and this video had a world première on Blank TV on February 5th 2015.

Unfortunately, I found the emphasis of this album to be incorrectly placed upon the music video, ironically displaying the loss of purity in women, but the use of a visual aid ironically implies the loss of purity in music. Whilst music videos can be great and can fuel the power of the music, in this case, I believe that good music will stand alone and should not rely upon a music video of this sort. I recommend listening to this without the pervasive visuals. The great vocals, carry a strong and powerfully catchy lament type ballad that evoke a faint sense of female power.

The video in question, and more information about this band can be found below: