American artist Anna Laube has enjoyed an extensive and exciting history within the world of music. From learning the intricacies of piano, saxophone and violin as a child in Wisconsin to studying oboe in Belgium to moving to San Francisco, she has traveled far and wide, working tirelessly to make her career a reality.

The Iowa born singer/songwriter has spent the last few years carefully composing her third studio album, which is due for release on July 31st. The ten track self-titled compilation is steeped in the genres of roots and Americana, while also containing heavy hints of folk and country.

“Already There” begins the record with a warm and welcoming guitar salvo that glides smoothly into a friendly harmony. Unfolding at a tranquil pace, it maintains a very pleasant and relaxing rhythm all the way through. “Chocolate Chip Banana Cupcakes” follows upon a playful riff which dances along merrily behind a lighthearted and lively melody, while its strings add an affecting undertone. It’s a simple and serene number, whose upbeat execution makes for a fun listen.

A rousing choir chorus establishes a festive ambience for “The Bike Song” next, while speedy and distorted verses keep things engrossing. There’s a rather retro sound to this characterful composition. It eventually gives way to the unconcerned attitude of “Oh My (Oh Me! Oh Me Oh My) before a reserved acoustic riff leads “This One’s For You” towards a gentle harmony that develops gradually. The addition of soft percussion and piano keys ensure that it remains moving right up until its end.

“Sugarcane” comes along afterwards carrying a colourful instrumental introduction ahead of vocals that are rife with enthusiasm and expression. A violin solo in the middle enthralls before another catchy chorus paves the way towards the finish line. “Satisfied Mind” takes over from here, staying slow and retrained musically, but featuring vocals that are as rousing as they are resonant. An arresting riff rises out of its wake to speed through a spirited melody as “Sweet Boy From Minnesota” captivates constantly.

There’s a strong country flair to the music of “You Ain’t Worth My Time Anymore” as it progresses alongside some vigorous vocals to forge a very resolute piece that’s loaded with passion. It’s succeeded by the peaceful instrumentation of “Green”, which bears a strong sense of determination, while a heartfelt harmony cements it as a fervent finale.

Laube has crafted a very placid and accessible collection of songs here. The simple country/folk style of her material results in an altogether innocuous sound that generates a cheerful atmosphere and rests easy on the ears.

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