Anna-Liese are a four piece alt-rock band from Waterford.  Formed in 2014, they have recently released their Debut EP Chasing and Fading. This band is known for their variety in their music and this five track EP shows just that.


On the first track ‘Break the Chain.’  I loved the whole instrumental, with its strong use of electric guitar and drums, I think it would come across really well in a live gig environment and create a wild and fun atmosphere amongst a crowd. I also felt this way about the fourth track ‘Green.’


On ‘Psycho Mask’ –  I loved everything about this track, the lyrics were really catchy. I also enjoyed the guitar solos. They were perfectly placed in the song. The instrumental and vocal worked well together.


On the third track ‘Storm’, I enjoyed the use of acoustic guitar in the song. I liked how the electric guitar and drums are a little bit quieter and softer sounding than other tracks on this EP. It made the emotion come across well in the song and let the lead vocals be the main focus. It had a bit of a Radiohead vibe to it.


The final track ‘Chasing and Fading’ had a heavy grunge rock feel to it. I particularly liked the distortion on the vocal. It set the whole tone for the song. The heavy guitar also made everything blend in really well.


This EP is a great start for the Waterford band. With the variety they’ve shown within their music, they have the potential to go in many directions. I’m interested to see what they do next. The future is certainly bright.