The second trailer for Annabelle: Creation has dropped, promising to strike terror into the hearts of filmgoers with the second-scariest thing in the world: creepy dolls.

Annabelle made her debut in The Conjuring 2 and while that was more of an extended cameo than anything else, she damn near stole the show. The response to her was so positive that a solo film was swiftly greenlit by New Line Cinema. Upon release, 2014’s Annabelle proved wildly successful, earning a huge $256 million worldwide on a measly $6.5 million budget.

As the title suggests, Annabelle: Creation serves as an origin story. A dollmaker and his wife lose their young daughter in a horrific accident. Years later, they decide to take in a nun and a group of orphaned children. But it won’t be long before Annabelle, the dollmaker’s possessed creation, gets up to her usual tricks i.e. scaring the crap out of everyone.

This marks the fourth film in The Conjuring universe. Horror maestro and director of The Conjuring films, James Wan, returns again to the series but this time as producer. Taking the reins will be David F. Sandberg, who helmed last year’s well-received Lights Out. The cast includes Talitha Bateman, Stephanie Sigman and Philippa Anne Coulthard. Annabelle: Creation will be in Irish cinemas on the 11th August 2017.

In case you’re wondering, the first-scariest thing in the world: Clowns.