Anthony Horowitz’s Moriarty tells a story that is full of shocks and secrets from the first chapter. Based on the original Sherlock Holmes works by Arthur Conan Doyle, the events in the book begin a few days after Sherlock fakes his death at the Reichenbach Falls as our narrator arrives to investigate the shadowy incident.

Our narrator, who introduces himself as Frederick Chase from Pinkerton’s detective agency in New York, arrives in Switzerland to investigate the events surrounding Holmes’ and Moriarty’s apparent death. There he meets Inspector Athelney Jones, sent from Scotland Yard to do the same, and he informs the Inspector of the other reason he left New York; to try to bring the notorious American criminal, Clarence Devereux, to justice. The Inspector quickly realises that although London now appear to be free of Moriarty, another criminal mastermind looks set to take his place and the two detectives agree to work together to track Devereux down.

Dark characters, bloody crimes, and unexpected events hinder Chase and Jones at every turn. Moriarty is full of twists and turns, and it’s very difficult to predict what will happen next. As Chase and Jones travel through Victorian London searching for clues to Devereux’s whereabouts, the outcome appears bleak, but the quick pace of the novel and wit of the characters stop the thrilling book from being pessimistic.

Moriarty is a must-read for fans of the Holmes canon, and fans of the more recent BBC series Sherlock and other such spin-offs will doubtless enjoy it too. Thrilling, surprising, and enjoyable, Moriarty is well worth a read by anyone who enjoys a good mystery novel.