Glasgow based indie-rock ensemble The Apparells first formed in 2011 and have kept themselves quite busy since. Having taken to the stage at a number of renowned Scottish venues and events, including their hometown’s O2 Academy and the Comlongon Rocks Festival, the foursome have managed to draw quite a bit of attention to themselves. They’ve graced the airwaves of stations such as Rock XS and Alive Radio, as well as having appeared on screen via STV.

Considering the refreshingly retro rock feel carried by their latest EP, Matter of Taste, it’s little wonder that they’ve been doing so well. The compilation takes off with “Behind the Lines”, which sees cool guitars unfold across optimistic synths. This leads into a melody that soon erupts vigorously along with the instrumentation. Pacing passionately forward, it builds up a swift momentum. An extended energetic riff captivates in the middle before the chorus sets back in and runs smoothly in the direction of the finish line.

It’s succeeded by the rousing instrumentation of the title track as it rolls into an absorbing verse. There’s a nice rock and roll vibe to the piece that takes on a delightfully upbeat demeanour. Its forceful vocals and rapid guitars ensure that things remain loud and lively the whole way through. “Disposition” follows with a slow burning but riveting riff that arrives just ahead of an expressive harmony. Adopting a gentle pace, it still manages to stomp along purposefully, enthralling as it does so. Its back to basics approach emanates a wonderfully relaxed but resolute attitude.

A mellow acoustic riff that’s complemented by a stirring electric one bestows an affecting ambience upon “Talk Me Down” as they preface a soft and pleasant melody. This light and touching composition has a strong emotional edge to it. “Sirens” emerges out of its aftermath through fierce instrumentation that charges into urgent vocals, generating a dire atmosphere. There’s a frantic feel to the sound that borders on sinister, resulting in a finale that’s hard hitting and heavy, both in terms of content and execution.

The Apparells’ straightforward, no nonsense approach to rock makes for a delightfully uncomplicated listen. Their work here has a classic, clear-cut style that will appeal to a very wide audience and will most definitely succeed in expanding the size of the band’s following. Matter of Taste is available on Bandcamp now.

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