British artist Arthur Walwin may not have released his first full record yet, but that doesn’t mean he’s short on followers. With over thirty four thousand people subscribed to his Twitter feed and hundreds of thousands of combined views clocked up on Youtube, he has certainly been doing a fine job of making a name for himself.

The London based musician has managed to attract plenty of attention from the press too. His debut effort, “All for You”, was favourited by Radio One, while Big Cheese and Discovered magazines have also showered his material with praise. Between all of the media madness and three headlining tours of the UK last year, Walwin has been hard at work completing his inaugural album, Sleepless, which is scheduled to hit on July 27th.

In anticipation of its release, the singer/songwriter recently unveiled its lead single, “Hard to Love”. The three minute track bursts into a solemn harmony that echoes like a heavy breeze through mellow piano keys and subtle synths. A fervent beat sets in soon after, building and increasing in volume before the whole thing explodes into a whirlwind of energetic electronics and vivacious vocals. There’s a strong R’N’B vibe to what is otherwise a fairly conventional mainstream anthem during the chorus.

The music tones back down for the second verse, maintaining a sombre ambience behind a fast and frantic melody that gets extremely expressive as it progresses. The instrumentation and synths soon blow back up to dominate the senses ahead of a rapid rap breakdown. A final spirited refrain follows, ensuring the momentum doesn’t drop as the end approaches.

“Hard to Love” is passionately executed and oozes enthusiasm, despite the fact that there’s not much to make it stand out from the crowd of radio friendly pop pieces. It may serve Walwin well when it comes to pleasing his established followers, but it’s unlikely to excite fans of all genres.

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