Four-piece London/UK metal group Ascending Dawn released their debut album ‘Coalesce’ on November 15 this year. Although a nine track album a lot of ground is covered so let’s begin with the first single ‘Cannonball’, which seems to be the lead track with the most commercial potential. Although I prefer the opening track ‘All In Now’ which was also a single for the band and has a killer chorus.

In terms of sound, to a classic rock and metal listener ‘Cannonball’ is a full-on, ambient and unrelenting emotional punch in the ears. And it makes sense for this track to be the BIG single as it has the widest appeal. The intro isn’t too hard on the untrained metal flirt’s ears where a melodic piano part keeps the metal-ness at bay just enough to be familiar to some that might even recall ‘Evanescence’ in their peak. Cannonball, to me doesn’t represent the band’s full potential musically but is a good indication.

The second single ‘All In Now’ takes its rightful position as track one although the intro might scare off some of the general public. The delivery of the main hook is powerful and encapsulating. There is plenty of alternating texture and rhythms to keep you fully engaged throughout. The chorus has an addictive nature to it and the slick harmonies are pretty seductive. Basically, it’s a great track.

The third single ‘Opposites’ has a more disjointed feel both rhythmically and melodically. It feels like a less frequently used ingredient in the album ‘Coalesce’ is being explored more here. The other mentioned singles had most of their emphasis on the chorus whereas the verses and instrumentation for ‘Inside the Silence’ seem to get more play and are more interesting as a result. I think it’s always good to explore different structures and this track seems to fall a little out of the formula of the other singles. A good thing for the right listener!

I’m not fully aware of the status of the metal industry nowadays and what opportunities a solid and powerful group like this could avail of, but I’m assuming the competition for commercial air play is stiff. The only thing that could stifle the group’s success is a lack of demand for their musical style so at least they have the talent end of it covered.

Ascending Dawn have a huge sound and a powerful female vocalist [Marlain Angelides] with the emotional aptitude to produce an impressive album known as ‘Coalesce,’ which is currently available online via Bandcamp.

Coalesce Album


Cannonball [Single] Video Link