Shadows is the debut EP by fresh-faced Fermanagh hard rockers Attack The Day. Taking influence from a wide range of genres, including post-hardcore, metal and grunge, they strive to create a unique and distinctive sound. A brave move for a new band, this EP shows a lot of diversity and promise, and is a strong base for them to grow from.

After a short instrumental intro track, the lads kick into the fast-paced Alive. With a start/stop riff that calls to mind Biffy Clyro, snarled vocals and intricate guitar soloing, it’s clear straight off that they’re playing by their own rules.

Egyptian is a heavier track propelled by a low, rattling bass tone and with perhaps a more grungy sound at times. The lead guitar playing is outstanding again on this track, and the quiet vocals in the outro add a new dynamic to their style.

There is a far more accomplished sound on Divided, the guys experimenting with time signatures and intricately interweaving guitars that hark back to bands like Television. Vocally it’s a more toned-down affair, a style I feel suits the band.

With each consecutive track on this EP, Attack The Day improve, adding new elements and sounding more and more well-rounded as an act. The title track is no change, a heavy, angsty song that culminates in a metal outro with a huge riff guaranteed to get the crowd going in a live scenario.

The closing track This Is How It Ends is easily the best on the EP for me. It is the most mature and dynamically varied, hopefully indicative of the route Attack The Day will venture down on future releases. A bass-centric song, its hushed vocals and guitar interplay sound confident and assured, conveying a sense that less is sometimes more. There’s a distinct Dinosaur Jr. Vibe off this song. I’m not sure how intentional it is, but I’m definitely not complaining.

An EP that starts out heavy and a little showy, Shadows improves with every track. Though I have no problem with the growled vocals and guitar solos, I feel the more laid back vocal approach and understated guitar playing on the later tracks is where this band excels. I was pleasantly surprised by how this EP came together and I hope to hear more from this young band in the future.

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