Irish punk rock ensemble Audible Joes was originally conceived by Cork natives Michael Stone and Alex Dinan in 2010 when they decided they wanted to take a stab at spawning an assortment of songs that channelled the rebellious energy of the likes of The Ramones and Bad Religion while simultaneously sounding singular and fresh. Recruiting their childhood friend David Bellantine to join them, they embarked on a quest to conquer the crowds in their home county and soon crossed paths with fellow musician Ella, who they brought on board to complete the band’s current line-up.

With one well-received album entitled Medicine for Modern Living already under their belts, the fiery foursome are now preparing to explode back onto the scene with their sonorous sophomore record, Irrational Anthems. Due to drop on July 14th, the enlivening eleven track undertaking is introduced through the wonderfully raucous riffs and delightfully disaffected singing of its superbly passionate eponymous anthem. The vibe remains vigorous moving forward from here as “For All I Know” takes over to thrill with its tremendously trenchant harmonies and enticingly speedy instrumentation.

“Born Again Cynic” is another exhilarating synthesis of spectacularly seditious serenades and engrossingly energetic guitars next before “I Wanna Be Affected” bursts in to build a brilliantly bracing bridge to the awesomely recalcitrant “Speaker Submission”. This is followed by the fantastically fractious “Majority Rule”, which remains incredibly rousing as it races rambunctiously in the direction of the endearingly disaffected music and melody that make up “Consumerism”.

“Nyktophobia” maintains a maniacal ambience afterwards, exuding oodles of attitude and enthusiasm ahead of the captivatingly clamorous “Guillotine”. “Snakes” excites again in its wake, showcasing salvos of seductively strident vocals atop onslaughts of electrifying guitars and percussion on the way to the unexpectedly restrained yet extremely enthralling “Until I Die”, which proceeds to provide the proceedings with an affecting acoustic finish.

Audible Joes have put together a terrifically turbulent punk record here that never exhibits a dull moment. Its remarkably raw and arresting refrains combined with its compellingly rhapsodic and rowdy music is certain to satisfy genre enthusiasts the world over. Be sure to investigate Irrational Anthems for yourself when it drops for download next Friday.

Audible Joes: Irrational Anthems album review

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