Portuguese-Canadian artist Awna Teixeira first embarked on a career in music in 2001, subsequently playing live all over North America. In 2005, she joined fellow musician Allison Russell in becoming a part of the band Po’Girl. In the seven years that followed, the duo recorded five records together and toured around the world, performing hundreds of shows across four continents.

By the time 2012 rolled around, Teixeira was ready to release her first solo effort, Where The Darkness Goes. After it was met with critical acclaim, the singer/songwriter dropped her Thunderbird EP in 2013 and is now preparing to share her second full length album, Wild One, with the world.

Lying somewhere between the territories of acoustic folk and pop, the compilation features eleven tracks, beginning with “The Light in You”. This quiet opener is made up of subtle instrumentation and light vocals. The tone remains reserved for the introspective “Blue Heart on Your Sleeve”, which sees a hushed riff joined by a gentle harmony and placid piano keys.  “Wild One” saunters along next through further instances of soft instrumentation, but with a more buoyant melody.

There are a greater number of musical elements at play during “Little Ghost of a Whale”. It builds affectively as it progresses while maintaining a distant sound and dream-like ambience. The soft, emotional vocals of “In The Winter Time” are met with warm instrumentation that features a lot more percussion than the previous entries. This is followed by the stirring acoustic riff, pleasant piano keys and resonating harmony of “Yellow Moon”.

A solemn and serious rhythm unfolds against passionate and determined vocals during “Thunderbird”. It’s grander in scale than its predecessors, brightening up as its restless momentum develops. Things get busier when “Bees and Things” sets in. Hectic instrumentation and an optimistic beat keep it a lot more animated than what came before.

“Freedom Fighter” makes a return to the reticent acoustic nature of earlier tracks, while exhibiting a rousing melody amid piano work that adds a sense of hopefulness. Its successor, “A Sailor’s Dream”, starts with an electric hum that lingers over a steady drumbeat and lively accordion set. Afterwards, “Away We Go” brings things to a poignant close with a peaceful riff and sharp, penetrating vocals.

The material showcased on this second solo album is very serene and ethereal. Its restrained, stripped down sound makes for a tranquil listen. Wild One is set for release on March 16th, following which Awna Teixeira can be found touring the UK between the 18th and 29th of the same month.

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