Azekel is a London based artist who “sings and makes beats”. Making his first foray into the world of music back in 2013 with his debut single “No Ordinary Love”, his inaugural EP, Circa, followed soon afterwards. Since then, he has kept himself active writing and recording, with 2015 looking set to a very busy and productive year indeed.

The singer/songwriter has managed to accomplish a large amount already over the past few months, including the signing of a publishing deal with BMG Chrysalis UK at the end of April. This came just ahead of the release of songs “New Romance” and “Holy Matrimony” from his upcoming seven piece compilation, Raw Vol. 1. Due to drop on July 12th via Thunderlightning Recordings, Azekel has recently upped its promotional campaign through the release of his latest offering, “Mad About the Boy”.

The new track had its premiere on May 18th on the British website Complex. This was quickly followed by its first radio appearance when Mistajam chose to showcase the composition on BBC Radio 1xtra in late May. Written, produced and mixed by Azekel alone, it also features a contribution from fellow musician Shanaz Dorsett.

The song itself fades in gradually amid a ticking effect as slicing synths blow through the air like gusts of wind. This continues through a clear and concise opening verse whose vocals take their time, developing at a restrained pace. It immediately exhibits a hefty blend of dance and R’N’B with a strong electronic flavour.

The musical motifs prevalent throughout create a strong psychedelic and disorientating feel as they come in waves behind a fairly articulate harmony. Bursts of static shock the senses every few seconds before a momentary breakdown prefaces the beginning of Dorsett’s lyrical salvo. A well harmonised duet ensues, during which both voices meld nicely enough together.

This isn’t an anthem that makes for the most universally accessible of listens and it isn’t always easy on the ears. However, Azekel’s passion for his material does come across in his enthusiastic vocal delivery. Fans of heavy and experimental electro and R’N’B will probably have a good time experiencing the many methods that this track has to offer, but it may not find as much appeal with those who are not invested in the genres.

“Mad About the Boy” is available on iTunes now, while Azekel can be found gracing the BBC Introducing stage with his presence at Glastonbury on June 26th.

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