All Bark, No Bite: Adrien Broner Loses Again

All Bark, No Bite: Adrien Broner Loses Again

Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner faced Shawn ‘Showtime’ Porter in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand last night, in a do or die fight. Floyd Mayweather’s apprentice lost a unanimous decision, with all three judges scoring in favour of Cleveland’s Shawn Porter.

From the beginning, something seemed to be off about Broner. Generally Broner’s ring entrances are brash, loud, star studded events, with him hanging on the shoulder of rapper Rick Ross, laughing and jumping, with an 10 strong entourage, as he makes his way to the ring.

Last night in Vegas, it was anything but. He stood on his own on a stage, managing a few nice ‘cruising in the whip’ dance moves, in a white and gold sparkling jacket. In the ring, his corner man lightly brushed his hair, as Adrien gave his best ‘I’m so pretty’ face. It sounds a lot more flamboyant than it was, and in Adrien’s case, it was definitely low key.

For the first 4 rounds, Porter smothered Broner, charging forward, windmilling punches left and right, all Broner could do was clinch with him when he got in close. ‘The Problem’ certainly didn’t handle it well, his footwork hasn’t progressed at the same rate as his defensive head and body movement.

In round 5, Broner finally looked like he had woken up, he landed some nice clean shots on Porter, easily out-boxing him for the clearest 10-9 of the fight so far.

Then Adrien decided he was still a bit groggy, opting again to take a few rounds off, to admire what he had done in the 5th. As the fight plodded along, Broner’s prediction that ‘this fight will make up for Mayweather vs Pacquiao’, seemed more and more embarrassing. The contest stopped every 10 seconds, there was no rhythm, as referee Tony Weeks was forced to split the pair up time after time.

Only in the final round did Broner land the most significant punch of the fight, dropping Porter in round 12 with a devastating left hand, which left Shawn on his backside looking extremely weary.

Unfortunately, Broner didn’t take advantage of the situation, cautiously boxing and strolling around the ring as if one knock down was going to win him the fight. Even before the judges decision was read, Mayweather exited the building, knowing that his boy had blown another opportunity.

Broner has all the markings of a great fighter, he loves attention, positive or negative, he embraces his role as the heel, he loves being the bad boy. He has undoubted talent and can smack-talk with the best of them. However, his whole persona is stolen from his mentor Mayweather, Broner doesn’t really have his own identity yet.

On his shorts it reads ‘About Billions’, he may be about chasing billions, but he’s not even close. While Floyd can back-up his trash-talk with skill and an unbeaten record, Broner has only undeveloped ability and 2 huge losses, to brawling boxers who aren’t exactly brimming with finesse.

If you lose to the best, you can still get away with bigging yourself up, if you lose to Porter and Maidana, maybe you’re a star that burned bright against stepping stone fighters, but as the competition’s competency grew, your star fizzled and dwindled to ashes.

Adrien Broner needs to widen his boxing skill set, he needs to learn to adapt his style to conquer different opponents. He has the gift of the gab to make people want to watch him fight, that’s a huge deal (just look at Conor Mcgregor) but what use is all that nattering if you keep losing.

Watch the highlights of Broner vs Porter below (starts from 1:10).