Artists in the modern world have the benefit of showcasing their work over social networks, for artists, many years ago, it was a struggle to earn a living, we only discovered them when they were gone.

Barry Finnegan, or “Jazz” as his musical circle of friends like to call him, is one of Ireland’s hottest artists on the scene at the moment. Showcasing his work on YouTube has gained him thousands of viewers worldwide and the respect from the Art community.

Barry Jazz Finnegan

Barry loves getting his hands dirty with his charcoal work. Most of his work is based on movies, stars, poets and captions from cult classics such as Mad Max and Batman. I had the privilege of known Barry over the years through the music scene, from his famous Zodiac sessions singer songwriter night in Bruxelles bar. He always had a keen eye for art, even offering to tattoo some graphics on musicians guitars.

As an artist Barry captures the essence of the characters in every piece of work he does. Barry recently received his first award for his work, IBAM Artist of the year, from the Irish American Heritage Centre. A well deserved award for such a fantastic talent. If you would like some work done by Barry Jazz Finnegan, email: