Beautiful Corruption are a four-piece rock band from Kilkenny in Ireland. The band consists of Oisin Wolfe on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, James Brown on lead guitar and back-up vocals, Simon Cooke on drums and Rory Cooper on bass. The four lads formed the band in January 2013 in school and have been playing together since then.

Their debut EP, Snakes and Ladders, was launched in the Pumphouse in Kilkenny on Valentine’s Day of this year.

This extremely impressive debut from four young rockers consists of five songs, including the title song, “Snakes and Ladders”. The EP starts off with “Leather”, a good start to a great set of songs. It starts off with a funky into with a cool riff on the bass guitar leading into a repeated chord pattern. The vocals are incredible and a slow down of the tempo after the guitar solo accompanied by some sparse lyrics ends the song.

The second track on the EP is the titular “Snakes and Ladders”, and has another catchy start with a cool riff that continues on to accompany the lyrics played on both the electric guitar and bass guitar. The thing that impresses me most about this quartet is that the lead vocals and backing vocals are not masked by the instruments playing with them. This is prevalent in a lot of new rock bands. It’s not about being the loudest, folks. However, this song does get the head banging and the extended solo with some harmonies on vocals ends the song on a high, giving this song an epic finish.

“The Wait”, is another lively song but is a small bit repetitive of the first two tracks. This is remedied by the fourth song, “Hench”. The intro came as a surprise to me as I was expecting another instant progression of chords and riffs. However, the lads mix it up with with a slow intro with the drum kicking in which brings the tempo up once again. This song made me want to get ready for a mosh pit. I’ve never been in one, but I hear they’re nice places. No? A special mention has to go to this track for being of great quality yet being a live performance. These lads will go far if they can keep this up.

There are some echoes of Thin Lizzy in the intro to the last song, “Dilate”. The song is a bit repetitive throughout but is a solid track.

Beautiful Corruption are an extremely talented group of musicians and will go far if this EP is anything to go by. Their catchy intros lead right into the awesome vocals of Oisin Wolfe. Watch this space.