Recorded live at WL studios Co. Kildare, Beef Supreme, a folk acoustic rock band from the south east of Ireland create a unique folk musical sound that is a pleasurable listen. This group was formed in 2008 by Niall O’Connor and Jimmy O’Rourke, and was later joined by Shane Glover, Shane (The Sink) O’Rourke, Gavin Glover, Darragh O’Connor, and Micheal Bolton with an eclectic array of instrumentation, including: bouzouki, banjo, melodica, harmonica, jaw harp, mandolin, and fiddle to name a few. Beef Supreme are reminiscent of the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young foursome, and they generate a fresh and creative sound with thought inducing lyrics. Live at the Waffle Lodge consists of five contrasting songs entitled: ‘Where Life’s Liars Riot’, ‘Four Filthy Lakes’, ‘Local Politics Month’, ‘El Shapo’, and concludes with ‘Six Rusty Nails’.

The overall musical sound created in this album is complex, concise, and aurally diverse. It is also worth noting that it is a live recording which deserves considerable merit. ‘Where Life’s Liars Rot’ is a soothing serenading song that gently introduces the colourful array of instrumentation to the album. ‘Four Filthy Lakes’, opens with a clear rhythmic structure that is elaborated to create a dynamic poly-rhythm. The husky vocal timbre is supported by harmonic passages of chorus sung by a number of members. The song is built upon the momentous rhythmic patterns and utilises creative dynamics to enhance the overall aural quality and energy in the song. The husky vocal timbre of these songs resonates with the listener especially in ‘Local Politics Month’, and ‘El Shapo’. The final of this five song bluegrass album is ‘Six Rusty Nails’, the swing like style of the instrumentation and strong vocals is cleverly articulated throughout with talented vocal accompaniment and instrumentation.

With notable headlining performances such as Abbeyfest 2009, Stradbally Festival of art 2009, The Red Line Roots festival 2009, Justice thumbs 2009 and finalists of the Busker 2009 competition these Carlow based musicians are proving their exceptional command of an array of instrumentation and challenging conventions of the folk music genre in Ireland.

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