The name that Indie alt-rockers Bel Esprit have chosen for their ensemble offers something of a lesson in literary history. The Southampton based foursome’s designation is borrowed from that of a fund created by legendary poet Ezra Pound for the great T.S. Eliot. The idea was to use the money raised to liberate Eliot from his day job and allow him to concentrate on a full-time career in writing.

It seems an appropriate moniker for a hopeful new band to adopt, given that most musicians aspire to make a career out of composing and performing. And certainly these four individuals are off to a good start with their single, “Lose My Mind”.

This lively composition sprints straight into a buoyant bass line and percussion before colliding with cheerful guitars and vocals. The instrumentation builds enthusiastically to the absorbing melody of the chorus, maintaining a fast and rousing pace as it does so. An upbeat atmosphere is present throughout, adding a lot of character to the whole affair before a spirited riff brings things to an energetic end.

“Lose My Mind” is a delightfully jubilant rock anthem full of life and vitality. You can find it on iTunes along with “The Mad Ones”. This b-side introduces itself with more infectious guitars that march along purposefully, sustaining a sense of urgency from start to finish. It joins its companion piece in serving as an accessible pop/rock number that makes for a compelling listen.

Look out for some big announcements that are coming from Bel Esprit in the weeks ahead. For all of the latest news and updates, be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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