Sick Desire is the debut EP from French Indie band Betty The Nun. This collection of 5 tracks, clocking in at just under 20 minutes, shows a promising Indie band taking their first steps into the realm of the long player.

Although the band self identifies as an indie/blues band, one finds little in the way of traditional blues influences throughout Sick Desire. It is possible however to discern a diverse range of musical influences that suggests the band members possess a broad musical knowledge, something that bodes well for their future.

From the opening track Memories, the most striking feature of this EP is the generous use of reverb. With the very first vocal utterances, the saturation of the effect immediately grabs the listeners attention. Although a feature in a lot of Indie music these days, it is certainly an acquired taste. Overall, it works pretty well  throughout Sick Desire; especially in enhancing the vocals. However, when several tracks use different levels of reverb, the overall mix can suffer as tracks struggle to fit together.

The biting, sometimes jazzy rhythm guitar work,  the Joy Division-esque rhythm section and the smouldering lead guitar are all applied tastefully and are never overpowering. The lead guitar in particular, provides some of the highlights on the EP,  such as the shoe-gaze inspired instrumental section of Lovely Fate. In fact, throughout Sick Desire, the band’s musicianship proves to be their most impressive and consistent feature with some great individual moments saving the less inspired compositions.

With Sick Desire , Betty the Nun haven’t produced anything groundbreaking but have shown good ability in producing a coherent collection of tracks that will appeal to any fans of the genre. Whilst this EP won’t demand several playthroughs from most listeners, it should be taken as a promising sign of things to come.

Well worth a listen.