Originating in the Finnish capital of Helsinki, up and coming band Beverly Girl have been turning lots of heads both at home and overseas since the start of the year. The media has already labelled the trio as “one of 10 international acts to watch in 2015”, tipping them for great things in the times to come.

Members Johanna Saarinen, Tuomas Orasmaa and Artur U have distinguished themselves by striving to establish a genre of their very own in which their material can flourish. Describing their style as a combination of “electronic glam funk” and “powerhouse new groove”, they like to mix up elements of modern funk with hints of house and dance to create compositions ideally suited for conquering the club scene.

Their accumulated experience with traditional instruments, DJ-ing and choreographing has allowed them to carry their auditory aspirations through to fruition and forge the singular sound that they sought from the start. Their latest single, “DNA”, is due to drop on November 13th and deals with topics of technology and dystopia.

It washes in upon light synths that soon become pressing and purposeful, establishing an ominous yet amiable ambience on the way to some spirited singing. The vivid vocals echo enticingly across the air, before backing off for a barrage of intense and exciting synths in the simple yet stirring chorus. The atmosphere regains its warm and rousing attributes afterwards when another resonant refrain steps forward.

There’s a strong disco-esque sensibility to the whole thing as it unfolds, making it ideal for encouraging clubbers onto the dancefloor. An airy instrumental breakdown arrives just past the midway mark, generating a relaxing rhythm that persists during a hushed harmony before it all bursts back into an assortment of enthusiastic synths and vibrant vocals. The outcome of the ensemble’s efforts is an accessible electro-anthem, the innocuous attitude of which should allow it to easily infiltrate the airwaves.

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