British new wave punks Big Zero burst onto the scene in 2014 and have been busy building a fervent fan-base ever since. Their riveting retro rock style has succeeding in winning a lot of acclaim, with shows selling out and radio play coming compliments of BBC Introducing in the UK.

All of their material is recorded live on 8-track tapes, adding emphasis to their exciting old-school sound. This is due to the trio’s distrust of contemporary technology and humanity’s ever increasing reliance on machines to achieve objectives. To that end, their soon to be released record, Mainstream Propaganda, speaks out against subjects such as corporate brainwashing and modern marketing methods.

Their latest single, “Tear It Up and Start Again”, offers a tantalising tease of what audiences can expect from its upcoming parent EP. Beginning with a bracing drum beat, enlivening electronics quickly come in to captivate underneath an attitude-infused refrain that enthrals across the energising opening stanza.

The rhythm is rapid and rousing while the music and melody mesmerise ahead of a salvo of invigorating guitars. This is followed by another vigorous verse made up of speedy synths and enthusiastic singing. It all feels very fun and effective as an exhibition of whimsical riffs takes over to thrill through to a quirky climactic chorus.

The result is a playful but pressing punk piece that could easily be mistaken for something that was made in the eighties. Its tongue-in-cheek tone and disaffected demeanour ensure it stays exhilarating and expressive, while its inoffensive radio-friendly delivery should allow it to appeal to a large listenership.


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