Irish alt-rockers Bitch Falcon have certainly been enjoying a successful 2016 so far. After ringing in the year on stage at Sin É, the talented trio went on to support The Strypes in January before spending the spring mesmerising the masses at a number of well-known national events and venues, including Quarter Block Party, Output Festival and Whelan’s.

With recognition arriving from the likes of RTÉ, TG4 and 98FM, there’s no doubting that the Dublin based band are one of most popular up and coming home-grown acts around at the moment and given how gripping their material is, it’s easy to understand why. Their method of mixing up mannerisms of metal, grunge and punk gives rise to a strikingly intense yet artistic sound that leaves a lasting impression.

For proof, you need look no further than their hypnotic new single, “Clutch”. It opens with a fantastically fiery riff which hits hard ahead of the delightfully disaffected refrain of the verse. The tempo stays restrained for the first forty seconds or so, building anticipation before the music and melody erupt rousingly and enthral through their thunderous delivery.

There’s a sinister edge to the instrumentation as it echoes excitingly across salvos of stunningly expressive singing. The vocals remain vigorous going forward, maintaining a menacing mood into the exhilarating second minute and beyond until an onslaught of invigorating guitars takes over to thrill about two thirds of the way through. This is followed by a final emphatic chorus, which guides things in the direction of a forceful finish.

“Clutch” is an endearingly dark and dramatic endeavour by Bitch Falcon that’s dripping with power and passion. Its hauntingly heavy harmonies and atmospheric instrumentation combine to create an irresistibly arresting alt-rock anthem that embeds itself deep in the mind and refuses to withdraw.

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