Previously acknowledged by the Pure M top 10, this Indie rock trio hailing from Dublin command our attention again with their unique wave of rock music. Alan Skelly leads the vocals and guitar, Ryan Daffy plays lead guitar, and Paul Ames maintains the hermetic sound of this album with backing vocals and drums. Skelly and Daffy demonstrate acute manual dexterity on guitar and create an intricate web of guitar riffs that transport the listener into an aural maze of guitar riffs and rhythms.

This album is composed of four, four minute songs as follows: ‘Death of a Hero’, ‘Nitelife’, ‘Runnin’ Scared’, and ‘Addiction’. The wave like opening of ‘Death of a Hero’ establishes the breakin’ guitar riffs that are a key feature of this EP. These impressive guitar riffs are similarly found in ‘Runnin’ Scared’ and the rhythmic unity created by Ames within the songs is noteworthy as it sustains the overall feel of this album.

Having only formed this group less than two years ago the natural unity of sound is impressive. The alternative electric sound created on this album recalls the essence of late 80s early 90s rock’n’roll. Nonetheless, this group have a refreshing approach to this style, and appropriately place their emphasis upon the music and not the lyrics. This album can be found on their soundcloud, and is certainly worth a listen.