Blur have dropped another new new track off their upcoming album The Magic Whip. The song titled “There Are Too Many Of Us” can be downloaded via iTunes now. The song tackles the issue of overpopulation – “There are too many of us, in tiny houses here and there. Just passing out somewhere, but you don’t care. There are too many of us, it’s plain to see. We all believe in praying, for our immortality.

“There Are Too Many Of Us” is a follow up to previously released track “Go Out”The Magic Whip looks like it’s going to be a strong comeback album from Blur, which is set for an April 27 release date.

Tonight is the night Blur play the album live and fully through for the first time for fans at a secret West London location. Fans could apply for free tickets to this special performance.

Check out the video for the new track below