Bobbi Kristina – Tragic Story takes a Nasty Twist

Bobbi Kristina – Tragic Story takes a Nasty Twist

As many will know by now, Whitney Hueston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, was found unconscious in a bathtub in an eerie scenario which mirrors her late mother’s demise. Bobbi Kristina was taken to a hospital where she was placed in a coma in order to try help the young woman survive. It has been reported that the family decided to take the young woman off of life support and are preparing to say their goodbyes, though this has be denied by her father Bobby Brown who is adamant that things are not that bleak.

However, in breaking news it seems there may, in fact, be a lot more to this case with the possibility of foul play being involved.

According to TMZ Bobbi Kristina has injuries which cops are interested in and there are rumours that her and her boyfriend, Nick Gordon, did have a history of violence throughout the relationship.

Cops are looking into the possibility of an argument before Bobbi Kristina was found in the bath. It is reported that a friend, Max Lomas, had hung out with her boyfriend, Nick at about 9am and Bobbi Kristina was not present with Nick claiming she was in the bedroom. Max left but an hour later, at 10am, a cable guy arrived and Nick was not around so Max had to let him in and that was when he found Bobbi Kristina, unconscious, in the bath. When he called for help, Nick arrived and tried to administer CPR; Max has claimed to cops that Nick had allegedly cleaned up the house and removed blood stains.

So far, Nick Gordon has not made any statement but it seems that cops are investigating this and taking it incredibly seriously.

It is a dark turn for this already tragic incident, her mother, the infamous Whitney Houston, passed away almost exactly 3 years ago on February 12th 2012 under similar circumstances, Whitney was discovered in her bath, unresponsive.

The investigation is ongoing.

Source TMZ