As a book fan there are many things that I love and adore about books that I can talk about for hours. However there are some common book-related problems that I feel like a lot of people can relate to. These are the frequently occurring mostly minor issues with books that drive most book lovers, myself included, absolutely insane.

When the date of a new release book is pushed back a few months it is one of the most frustrating things that happen particularly with series. After waiting for the next or last book in the series the last thing that you want to happen is to wait longer. It happens far too often that a book that was originally set to be published in June is now set to be released next January.

This leads into my next pet peeve. When a bookstore doesn’t get a new release in for a few weeks after it has been published. This can happen for any number of reasons and isn’t a big issue but I feel like book lovers around the world can share in my frustration. I am trying to support actual physical bookshops instead of shopping online though if I’ll get an order faster from a website than waiting for it in a shop that is where I will go.

Another problem I frequently run into with books is having a Trade Paperback edition. A Trade Paperback usually is a new release that is slightly larger and wider than books usually are. This only really becomes a problem when it is a book in a series. There are fewer things more frustrating than having a set of books that are all the same height except for that extra tall one in the middle.

A similar problem to this is when the covers of a book series change mid way through. I myself like to have my book series to have covers that match so when the covers are changed in the middle of a series I can feel my blood begin to boil because there is no way in which I can now have that series looking perfect. Sometimes this works out for the better and a series’ over all look can be improved but for the most part it is just a pain in the neck for anyone who collects books.

This last problem is one that occurs with books and movies alike and that’s spoilers. No matter how hard you try and escape them you will inevitably be spoiled for something at some point. Spoilers are when the plot has been spoiled for you. This usually occurs when someone tells you what will happen at the end of a book, a death of a character, a break up, who killed who. While you can still read the story and enjoy it your experience with it will be changed because you cannot forget what you know. This can be particularly irritating for books or movies that rely heavily on surprise or suspense. Really the only solution is to read it before anyone has the opportunity to tell you how it goes. Or just avoid talking to everyone.

These are small problems. They are not very significant in the grand scheme of book things. It’s funny how things that are so insignificant can be so frustrating what’s more important after all is what is inside the covers.

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