Californian indie-pop band Boy On Guitar are set to release their debut EP We Wait on April 18th. Their brand of acoustic guitar-led pop with sweet vocals and soft melodies is infectious and addictive, and sure to stick in your head.

Opener My Last Name draws influence from Tears For Fears with its 80’s sounding keyboards played over a simple 4-chord acoustic guitar sequence. However,it is vocalist Genesis Jennings who really stands out here, her mild, effortless vocals breathing life into the song.

Skydiving for me is the highlight of the EP. Bearing a resemblance to Swedish band The Cardigans and with country-tinged vocals, it is a song about a distance love, with Jennings pledging ‘I can be the land waiting for your safe return’. The refrain ‘I ain’t got nothing to lose’ is simple and catchy, and the accompanying lead guitar accentuates the beauty in the song.

The band reprise the 80’s influence on Your Place, along with a rock sound complete with distorted guitars and group vocals during the song’s climax. During the conclusion, the band digitally slow and distort the word ‘down’, an element used again on closer Downtown. Here, the band employ a more lo-fi sound, with echoey vocals and a reverberating synth sound. The distorted vocal sound is interesting, achieving the effect of recordings slowing down when the batteries in a walkman are running low.

On this EP, Boy On Guitar create simple, enjoyable pop songs. Their execution is perfect, and the EP surpassed my expectations by far. The natural, gentle vocals are excellently set to the band’s folk and indie influences to create a soothing and uplifting release.

We Wait is out on April 18th via the band’s own label Ronald Records.

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